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Who is Sidharth Srivastava

I was born and raised in India, and I had a good childhood compared to what I see these days in our society. I experienced two styles of parenting. The first, which my mother displayed, as in her eyes her son cannot do anything wrong.

My dad’s behavior, on the other hand, was at the other end of the spectrum. His nature was to bring the perfectionist out of me.

The most important part of my upbringing was the fact that both my parents set in motion certain key principles and values and these provided guidance during difficult times.

My mother’s resolute mental strength and my dad’s compassionate spirit has always been my source of strength and resilience when I failed.

A Mad man's Vision

Founder and Management Member at CompleteSA. CompleteSA is Revolutionizing the Telecommunications landscape in the South African market with disruptive, innovative, simplified technology. (Absolute Mobility)

Leading up to CompleteSA – Experienced Technical Director with a demonstrated 18 Year history of working in the Telecommunications industry. Skilled in Software Development, VOIP, Routing, Networking and Security, Contact Centers, and Unified communications solutions. Strong project management and Systems/Processes skills.

Andre van Niekerk

Heartworks - My Better Half

What we all need today is more love and gratitude for what we have and for me someone who tops all others is my better half. More importantly  she is the point of intersection of coordinate axes; where the values of the coordinates are all zero 🙂 She absolutely loves my Queen’s English (A bit of Sarcasm never hurts).

I have a natural disposition towards Madness which leads to characteristic likelihood of an attitude of mind especially one that favours the Abnormal. Put differently it amusingly lead-in to big ideas. For the most part of my life, I can’t think of any other person other than “MY BETTER HALF” who has been my wall to lean against for support. Most importantly, through her absolute belief in my madness I was able to  motivate people around me to turn those ideas into reality. ..

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