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Dialing in: The Dirty Little Secrets of IP Calling

Phone systems for Dummies:  On-Premises Pbx, Cloud Pbx or A  Mobilised Solution for a Mobilised Workforce.

A PBX (private branch exchange) is the switching system that manages calls between internal users. It also shares a number of lines that connect to the external, public phone system and parcels them out as needed to the internal users. In addition, PBX systems have other features that allow them to take incoming  calls,  send  them  to  the  correct  extensions,  connect  calls  to  answering services, etc. At its  core, a typical PBX consists of a set of external phone lines, a computer server system that manages call switching, a set of internal phone lines and some form of console for manual control. 
Today, phone systems do much more than this basic public phone call capability by including features that  deliver  substantial  benefits  to  the  business.  Most  phone  systems  come  complete  with  basic  capabilities such as voicemail and call forwarding as well as the option to extend them to include advanced features. 

Problem Statement
The Mobile PBX System is a feature for feature premise-based PBX replacement solution, with full convergence to provide these PBX feature on a Mobile Device. It provides all the functionality from a fully redundant, hosted environment, built and integrated into the Mobile GSM network on Crosscall & Blackview state of the art IP 68 Handsets.
Quite simply,  Mobile PBX removes all the complication from the enterprise and allows them to manage their day to day fixed and mobile communications requirements in a simple, coordinated and cost effective manner.