So, in my evolution, I understood how I needed to act, and taking this first step was the key to my transition from an industrialised species to being a HUMAN BEING

Sidharth Srivastava

No Title Needed

Human Messy Unpredictable: Skills we need to Spread-eagle the pretentious Epidemic for our new social situation

In an ineradicable uncertainty, in an environment that defies forecasting, our society’s habituation of a system based on “figure of merit” will just not help us. In the main it subverts and wears away our capacity to adapt and respond to an unpredictable crisis. 

The Great Wash

Sidharth Srivastava

The Great Wash (1953) Gerald Kersh.

Tales of Science Fiction or A Notable Contribution To Our Terrifying Present 

Book Description

Journalist George Oaks and his friend Albert Kemp, a mystery novelist, are on their way to meet their friend, the celebrated philosopher Dr. Monacelli. But when a clerical mix-up leads to their meeting the American gangster Monty Cello instead, Oaks and Kemp quickly find themselves caught up in a bizarre and dangerous plot involving a murdered reporter, a missing scientist, and a group of powerful madmen with a plan to destroy the world as we know it. It’s a race against time as Oaks and Kemp must infiltrate the villains’ stronghold and save humanity before it’s too late!
Sounds Familiar? 

In my journey to really understand the importance of connecting with people on a human level, I had to learn from my own failures. It took me nearly ten years to recognise the need to change my mindset before I could expect a change in people’s mindsets towards me and my profession.

In reality, we all have ignored the value of “empathy’’, as empathy should be our internal compass. Having this internal compass based on empathy brings about an understanding of another’s feelings. Only then, can we start the process of connecting with people on a human level.



So, in my evolution, I understood how I needed to act, and taking this first step was the key to my transition from an industrialised species to being a HUMAN BEING.

First Step (People : My Why)

In my early years of management, I ignored the value of “having empathy and humility” when dealing with human beings. This realisation set off the second chapter of my incredible journey, where I had to surrender to the importance of changing my mindset. I am using the word “surrender” because people who know me will understand what it took for me to accept that I must change, and then address how to inspire and change the mindsets of my employees.

From this step is where my ongoing transformation began from being a salesperson to a “trusted advisor”, and from being a “boss” to a “mentor”. It taught me how to connect to people at a surface and emotional level and to have empathy towards my clients and employees. 


So does being an owner of a business define me ? The answer is an emphatic No. What will define me if a transition from a boss to a mentor.

Second  Step (Process : The How)

Any person who is still reading this experience by now should have realised that ‘madness’ has played a role in my journey. And to be honest, madness has been a part of my personality since I can remember.

My emphasis on this personality trait is not to inspire people towards this characteristic. Yes, it has helped me in my professional career, but it doesn’t mean it has helped me in my personal life.


So, if someone had to ask me: have I achieved success? The answer without a doubt would be NO!


I did not allow madness to subjugate my strengths, and I channelled this weakness in a way which allowed me to create “SID”, and this SID to someone is successful. But deep down I knew I had to transition from this being to someone my family can relate to, but the journey doesn’t end here. When I can expand this growth in my personal life, only then can I consider myself to be successful.

My purpose in expressing my true self even though I am trying to educate people is because I have seen many people who are consumed by their insecurities. To a large extent, they expend all their energy on their weaknesses, and that manifests into the formation of a thought “am I good enough?”. I hope I can relate to my readers in a way where you can understand, I am not suggesting to ignore your weaknesses, but the lesson to be learnt is: do not let your weaknesses overpower your strengths. We all need to dedicate equal focus and energy to our strengths and weaknesses.


If all of you are wondering how this is relevant “The Process” and why I am explaining my personal struggles, the reason for this is to draw attention to a reality:


As individuals, we all have our flaws; all humankind has a dark side and a bright side.”


If we don’t allow the dark side to overshadow the brightness, with an acceptance of our flaws, and in a continuous effort to expend equal effort and energy on our strengths and weaknesses – we are on the right path. Only by understanding the concept of “why we are all good enough”, can we achieve success in any field. I have seen so many people with potential struggling to realise their own worth, and the process is proof of that.

Throughout my journey, I have witnessed something which still amazes me, and that has formulated my belief of “willpower over skills”. All these years, I have taught everyone the same process. I have never been biased towards any individuals, and I do not consider skin colour when I hire someone. But some individuals only by their virtue of willpower are able to outperform their counterparts with a lot of skills – that is truly remarkable. And this is my true success: the growth of people who were told all of their lives they are not good enough. Some of them believed this, and the transformation of these individuals is the reason for my existence in this world of sales.


The growth of people in this brutal world of sales is not possible only by the strength of their characteristic virtues. It is only possible when these characteristic strengths are channeled through a Process and ensuring that it is practised by them every day until it becomes their second nature.

Hence, I had to explain my weaknesses and why it is essential for anyone reading this segment to truly understand their own worth, how to find the right balance in your internal fight against your flaws, and keep your strengths as the focal point.


Only then can we see the reality of my madness: madness was a show. It wasn’t my strength; it was a way to hide my weakness regarding my temper. Like all good shows, it has an ending.

But there was always a method: the method will always survive the test of time, and that is why the sales process is pivotal.



As even in madness, there should be a Method to Madness!

Third Step : To Sell Or To Serve (Product or a Solution)

My Past Failures has taught me some invaluable lessons; namely, that respect is earned, and you must lead by example because people will follow as you do and not what you say. It doesn’t matter where you come from, or how you got here, but how you carry and portray yourself is what is critically important. Power does corrupt; however, it’s imperative to grow through these phases with your team with your community , where you can butt heads and disagree, but ultimately realize that growth is acquired collectively. I am not scared to admit my faults and downfalls, and I encourage this throughout my training; the sooner you admit something and come out of denial, the sooner you can implement the change you need to see.

I have also learnt that taking a personal interest and developing a relationship outside of professional rank with each individual in your ecosystem is the quickest way to connect with someone. They will communicate their method of understanding through their body language and mannerisms in a relaxed manner, and once their cognitive language is understood, it becomes easier to harness existing potential than for someone to try to be something they’re not. I believe that’s one of the biggest problems with conventional salespeople, they are fixated on portraying this ideal human, a “yes man”, that they believe everyone wants to deal with; when in fact it, ironically, has the complete opposite effect.

People buy from people, and crave a relatable, down-to-earth, human interaction – not this perfect scenario where the sun always shines, and there are no clouds.I have come to understand that the reason people buy from anyone is purely because of their experience of being “Served” instead of “Being Sold”. I believe that the feeling of self-empowerment is ultimately the deciding factor of change, and if you can communicate and encourage this in a language that others truly understand, that’s when you are a perfect fit.

People will naturally communicate their feelings, whether through a positive or negative interaction because it’s a direct channel from the person’s subconscious. And when you realize your input provokes every interaction’s outcome, you understand how important it is to be prepared, so that you are able to interpret things correctly to manage the relationship tension.

Humans instinctively are driven by two things: logic and emotion. Think of logic as the driver, and emotion as the GPS. Logic should ultimately make decisions, and your emotion will always guide you – in an ideal world of course. But emotion can overpower logic because it’s got an undeniable driving force directly linked to your subconscious and psyche.

Understanding this connection will allow you to align with anyone’s core values and principles”

Everyone understands things in their own manner. When you can identify and understand someone’s perspective and their priority list of values, and then align it with your ultimate vision, that’s the true power of being an influencer, leader, and a visionary.

Now my passion and vision transcend beyond financial gain because I’ve already learnt money is merely a tool and not a goal. I believe in inspiring change in someone’s cognitive understanding that profit isn’t progress, but consistency is currency. This brings me to a quote:

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal/goal” by Earl Nightingale.

The end result should not be the focus, but the journey is where the true beauty lies. The experiences always carry lessons, and with hindsight, you will be able to reflect on yourself and always improve your most significant resource, yourself.

This is what I believe has brought my leadership to fruition. And loyalty comes from the fundamentals of respect, collective experience, and growth. I intend to continue to improve my skill set and earn the mileage that’s necessary to bring about my evolution from ‘A Being To A Human Being’.

I have come to understand that life is exactly what you make of it, and the sooner you realize your worth, and demand it from yourself, the sooner you will find you are prepared to do whatever it takes to go out and fetch it. You do not get in life what you deserve, but you get in life what you are, and you must truly omit and resonate abundance to achieve this accordingly.

You can’t change the world, but you can be the change you want to see in the world.

Inspire that change within everyone you come across to leave an everlasting impact and make a difference, but also to give every person an equal opportunity to reciprocate, is when the true magic of human connection happens.

Fourth Step : Transition From A Sales Person To A Trusted Advisor (ROI)

Most sales courses or industries will tell you, “sales are a contact sport”.

“Sales is a numbers game.”

What a lie. All that creates is a culture promoting a lack of detail and one that decreases your opportunity to become a trusted advisor. With a unique set of skills, trust-based language, the ability to diffuse and understand how to avoid “fight or flight” response to an objection,  fundamentally gives you more opportunities to do business.

It also provides more opportunities to find a client that is the right fit, where your product fits into their financial budgets and operational needs, at a profit to your organization.I understood that not all clients are a fit, which is a crucial lesson to embrace. If I could establish a problem statement – the second most important lesson – with a solution to that problem. If I believed that the client was a fit, then my skill set became so strong that the client, and not myself, would make the decision to buy. Every time. At least it felt like every time.

After all these years I have finally realized that money is not everything, I have both intrinsic as well as extrinsic goals. One thing I can tell you is that it sure is nice to be able to buy those extrinsic goals which support the intrinsic ones. However my learnings and development within the group of people around me at this present moment have contributed a large part to most of those. However, what I have truly gained is a band of brothers following  a unified vision and mission.

“I had to take those few steps back to progress those many miles forward.” 

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I Think We All At This Very Moment, Isolated From Humanity, Have To Take Few Steps Back To Progress Those Many Miles Forward